Random pictures: Hongdae murals edition, part 2

As promised on the last Hongdae murals post, I have more. These were all taken around Hongik University, also known as Hongdae to the locals:

An ancient Indian myth, or something else?

Crystals. Drawn by a permanent marker. Line by line. How long would that take to make?

It’s not Banksy, but it’s still beautiful.

I’m sure someone out there can comment on these pieces better than I can.

Same crystal structure, also done with permanent marker. These were the only two I saw – is the artist no longer around?

This is what happens when you drink too much in Hongdae.

Two of a series, showing off different seasons. The other two (not pictured) somewhat defaced – worth seeing if you walk up the alley just Jane’s Groove going towards Sangsu station.

Stay tuned for a part 3!