5 useless travel accessories

GETTING paranoid and packing every possible item you might need during a trip is a common habit plenty of us endure. However, there comes a time when we realise that there are some accessories that are simply a waste of money and space and we would be better off travelling without them. Here is a list of some of the most unnecessary and useless travel accessories.

Mobile Washing Machine
This 4.4 pound washing machine is invented for laundry freaks who want to spend their holiday doing one of the most boring household chores. The machine can only contain up to 2 gallons of water and wash only socks or a t-shirt at a time. Wonder if they invented a dryer to go with?

Astone Mobile Washing Machine Pic: ohgizmo.com

Travel Candle
They’re nice and all but one, ahem, burning question stands out. Why? The reason most people purchase them is because of their external appeal. However, hauling lumps of wax in cans across continents doesn’t make much sense. Just buy the candles at your destination.

Travel Candles Pic:traveltins.com

WiFi Detector T-Shirt
You’ve got to hand it to ThinkGeek for this one, a T-shirt that displays the strength of the nearest WiFi single. The stronger the signal gets, the more bars on the front of the T light up. It truly is a fascinating modern age we live in. Just remember to disconnect the battery before you throw it in the Mobile Washing Machine (above).

WiFi T-Shirt

Pic: ThinkGeek

Travel Hair Dryer
It’s a cute and tempting purchase, but more often than not it is a pile-on. Most hotels these days offer a hair dryer and if not, it is always possible to request one from the reception or housekeeping. For those who are backpacking, just rely on fresh air to dry up your hair. If the idea is to go rustic, stick to it and don’t burden your shoulders unnecessarily.

Travel Hair Dryer Pic: worldtravelguide.com

Disposable Undies
Ideal if you didn’t have room for your Mobile Washing Machine… well, probably not. Sure disposable underwear makes life easier as you don’t have to hunt down laundry facilities. However, hand washing your personals should not take more than 5-7 minutes (we timed it!). Don’t carry the needless weight of disposable undergarments and save the money you would spend on it to buy something longer-lasting.

Disposable Underwear

Disposable underwear. Pic: worldhum.com