Chinese New Year in Pictures: Spring Festival in Beijing

EACH year at Chun jie, or Chinese New Year, Beijing largely empties out as young Chinese flock home to their families. But a city this large is not a ghost town entirely, and traditional decorations, temple fairs and above all fireworks mark the city for the two-week period of the Spring Festival.

Below is a look at Beijing during the most significant period in the Chinese calendar, and how Beijingren have welcomed the Year of the Dragon.

East meets West in a holiday display celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year.


Empty firework boxes litter the city after being set off all day and night.

Traditional Chinese knots appear in abundance throughout Beijing during the holiday season.


A woman burns incense in Ditan Park, a ritual carried out each year during the New Year temple festival.

Temple fair revelers don silly hats, play games and watch traditional shows and performances, much like at Western carnivals.

Decorative lanterns line the streets, creating a festive atmosphere that lasts throughout the two weeks of the Spring Festival.


A young girl sports a festive hat for the Year of the Dragon.

Most stores close for at least part of the Spring Festival, as young Chinese head home to celebrate the New Year with their families.