Hotel ICON, Hong Kong: Boutique luxury with a twist

FOR the quintessential Hong Kong experience — with a twist — you can do no better than to book a stay at Hotel ICON. This innovative boutique hotel invites guests to enjoy the best of modern style and ancient tradition, set with a backdrop of exquisite design and superior service.

Hotel ICON Exterior

Hotel ICON

What makes it special?

Owned by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hotel ICON distinguishes itself both as a full-service hotel and a teaching environment, where Polytechnic students study the craft of hotel management. Don’t let that put you off, however. While talented students intern at ICON each semester, the 360-member staff of well-trained professionals are highly qualified and committed to providing round-the-clock superior service.

Elegant, creative design marks Hotel ICON as a fine hotel. Each aspect of the ICON experience, from the building’s exterior to the very uniforms worn by the staff, were conceptualized by world-renowned designers.

William Lim designed the hotel interior, which is meant to reflect traditional Chinese artwork in a modern, minimalist way. Circular patterns and elements can be seen throughout the rooms and the common spaces, meant to reflect the concept of yin and yang in a meaningful yet subtle way.

Elite fashion designer Barney Cheng crafted the staff uniforms. He broke with traditional hotel uniform style, however, by giving a sense of cohesion to the outfits. Each staff member, regardless of position, wears a uniform with a similar tone, meant to signify that every individual can assist guests regardless of their questions. There is a sense of unity and responsibilty among all staff members.

What to expect?

Each room is carefully designed with high professional standards in mind. While its art collection, dining experiences and other facilities bolster the ICON experience, the hotel does not forget that it is first and foremost a place for people to lay their heads. Each guest stays in comfort and will find their quiet rooms a respite from the noises and activity of the city.

Hotel ICON club suite

Hotel ICON club suite

As with the rest of the hotel, the rooms are designed with style and taste in mind, and give off the professional, minimalist yet utterly relaxed feeling evident throughout the building. Rooms boast excellent city views, for a truly tasteful, authentic experience of Hong Kong. All guest rooms and suites come equipped with free WiFi and minibar.

In addition to luxury rooms, Hotel ICON has two restaurants, a health club and world-class spa. The restaurants are also a reflection of Chinese style and offer high quality dishes for guests.

ICON also boasts the largest indoor vertical garden in Asia, designed by Sir Patrick Blanc. The massive green space immediately gives visitors the sense that they are in a special place and allows them to enjoy natural beauty amidst the fast-paced city setting.

Hotel ICON swimming pool

Hotel ICON swimming pool

Hotel ICON has become a place for professionals to learn and grow. In addition to their training opportunities for Hong Kong Polytechnic students, the hotel hosts a Food & Wine Academy, which sees some of the best chefs in the world visiting to teach master classes to the most renowned and talented food and wine professionals in the city.

Because of Hotel ICON’s innovative approach to enhancing industry training as well as bolstering the guest experience, this boutique establishment is raising the bar in Hong Kong for quality, luxury travel.

What’s the damage?

Rack rates at Hotel ICON run between US$330-560, depending on the style of room, view and room style. Rooms include free breakfast, a free cocktail, WiFi and a minibar.

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