Port Dickson: Living on stilts
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Port Dickson: Living on stilts

By Shivya Nath

Pamper yourself in chalets on stilts & your own personal swimming pool!

Many people tend to diss Port Dickson as a disappointment on the shores of muddy seas. I was skeptical too, but my impulsive trip to this little town near Malacca turned out to be a pleasant surprise! A weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city-life, Port Dickson’s real charm lies in the chalets built upon stilts rooted in its seabed. The Legend Water Chalets and The Legend International Water Homes are modeled on an open-living concept and are both extremely affordable.

Port Dickson: Living on stilts

Evening view of chalets on stilts at Port Dickson. Pic: Shivya Nath.

The Water Chalets will charm you with their open-rooftop showers within the rooms; showering under the starry night sky is both chilling and beautiful, as is showering under the sunspots cast by the sun during the day. Each chalet has a private balcony that overlooks the Straits of Malacca and is an endearing way to spend an afternoon. The day bed by the window overlooking the sea, and the marble bathtub in the living-room make you feel right at home in the chalets. The floor of each chalet has a small glass panel so you can view the sea directly beneath you, and although the water isn’t exactly blue, it’s surreal watching the waves hit the stilts so close to you.

The Water Homes are in a league of their own; each chalet comes with its own private swimming pool, and having a private pool for a midnight dip (or skinny dipping for the bolder ones) is definitely underrated! Enough said.

Port Dickson: Living on stilts

Sunset at Port Dickson. Pic: Shivya Nath.

The town area of Port Dickson is hardly bustling with pedestrians, tourists or activities, but being by the shore, it affords you a no-frills sunset by the beach (the beach itself is not fancy) or at one of the local eateries (or Pizza Hut, if you’re a vegetarian like me).

It’s amazing how an activities-devoid weekend on the stilts can rejuvenate you!

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Shivya Nath (India)
Shivya is a travel blogger with a penchant for offbeat destinations that few have been to and fewer have written about. She blogs at The Shooting Star and tweets @shivya.