Korea: Random pictures, part 65

AS usual, random picture posts are those wonderful pictures that didn’t fit in any other post.

Peace and love – seen in the Haebangchon area.

Pelvis / hip chairs, anyone? Seen at the Modo Sculpture Park.

This is either the most dangerous manhole (personhole?) in Korea, or it’s just easier to open with gloves already inserted… Seen in northern Seoul.

You never know what you’ll find when you step into a love motel.

No idea if someone really got stranded or lost on the island in question, but no ferries run there. Seen at the Modo ferry terminal.

If you’re a soldier and you need to get your camouflage on, look no further than the Yanggu Bus Terminal. The soldiers store has everything from camo to clothes to pins.

It’s not Konglish, but the cursive and odd lettering make this t-shirt pretty tough to read.

Why, yes, I’d love to believe that I can see that kind of body working out in a Korean gym. Seen in Pohang.

No idea why the dolphin is wearing headphones. This is admittedly cropped, but he wasn’t pointing to anything in the original sign about fishing.