Duty free, pocket friendly shopping in Malaysia
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Duty free, pocket friendly shopping in Malaysia

by Shivya Nath

I have a thing with airports. They make the world seem smaller and the most remote places accessible. They are hubs for the reunion of people living in different parts of the globe. I love arriving early at airports, watching the screens blink with all the countries I’d love to see someday, spotting lovelorn souls unite after a long hiatus, and well, squeezing in some last minute shopping for my folks back home.

Duty free, pocket friendly shopping in Malaysia

All jewellery at tax free prices. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur’s international airport has been a frequent haunt, propelled by my regional trips to the country, where I’ve spent many an hour window-shopping for wines and perfumes from around the world (and buying the ones I can afford), ogling at Harrods’ products hard to find elsewhere in Southeast Asia, and collecting ‘Made in Malaysia’ handicrafts and souvenirs for my travel collection and as gifts.

Luckily for shopaholics, KL’s airport is not the only shopping paradise that won’t poke a deep hole into your pockets; Langkawi, home to some of Malaysia’s best beaches, is also a tax free island, and worth tripping into town, away from the beaches, for a shopping spree. As you walk from one shop to the next, picking up chocolates, beer, wines, perfumes, and everything else typically and atypically duty-free, your shopping list will expand with the items on display and often on sale. And there’s no reason why you should watch your wallet!

Within Langkawi, most duty free shops are concentrated in the town of Kuah, including a shopping mall housed in a two-story building and brimming with leather products, sports goods, accessories, cosmetics, and even confectionery. Surrounding departmental stores sell everything from imported kitchenware and household appliances, to jewellery and batik. Who knew this island paradise could tickle the fancy of every kind of shopper?

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