Girls’ getaway at Tioman Island
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Girls’ getaway at Tioman Island

Few things can match an all girls weekend on a sparkling white beach, by the shore of turquoise blue waters, spent sunbathing, gossiping, partying, exploring and snorkelling! We arrived on Malaysia’s east coast by a ferry that departs every morning from the jetty at Mersing, accessible by bus from Singapore AND Kuala Lumpur, and before sunset, we were already in love with the sea, beach, mountains and forests of Tioman. The last two were a bonus we ended up staying an extra day for.

Girls’ getaway at Tioman Island

Paya Beach resort. Pic: Shivya Nath.

Our rendezvous with Tioman Island began in the chalets of Paya Beach Resort (tel.

(+65) 6733 4333), with an entire stretch of a clean, soft, sandy beach at our doorstep. As the tide rose for the night, we lay our picnic mats on the sand to settle in for dinner and drinks under the stars that shone like jewels in a dark moonless night sky. There was singing and dancing, and secrets and chatting, as any girls’ night out would have, but at this beach by the waters of the South China Sea, the sounds of the sea kept us company till the wee hours of the morning.

We could only afford a few hours of sleep before the sea came calling us again, this time to snorkel in its clear waters, hop from island to island in a boat, and get a glimpse of its beautiful marine life; we spotted fish of all sizes and colours and corals in shapes we didn’t know existed. Back to our resort by midday, we made our own trails through the forest, and at sunset walked into the sea at low tide, to a deserted island where we watched the sun paint the sky red and the blue of the sky merge with the blue of the sea. How can life not feel beautiful in moments like these?

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