Review: Say Kimchi Korean Food Comic e-book


LEARNING about Korean food in English can be done in a few different ways. If you’re new to Korea, you can head out with a good friend, check out one of the many Korean food blogs, or pick up a guide to some of the foods you might try. The folks over at Ongo Food Communications have started something new here – a manga style comic book aimed at explaining specific Korean foods.

Covering kimchi is not only par for the course, but a good introduction to Korean food – or anyone that wants to hear the story without the saccharine-sweet flavor often introduced by government information. There’s not much here that a long-timer won’t know, but the target market here is kids and/or people new to Korea.

The book assumes you don’t speak  Korean, but helpfully displays it in the lower-right corner. The ‘Learn More:’ in the lower left corner can be tapped to bring up a glossary entry with a bit more information.

While some of the choices covered are a bit obscure, they’re still explained in a cutesy fashion.

For $1.99, you learn about eight different Korean foods or drinks, with a bonus section on Korean etiquette. If you’re expecting a full-fledged book, you’ll be disappointed – it’s more about the pictures than the words, in any case. I’ve been told a second volume will be coming out in a few weeks, so there’s the possibility of a series here.

Recommended for new expats.

Get it on the iTunes store for $1.99. Note: this e-book requires an iPad. It cannot be read on any other device, including an iPhone.

Disclosure: Chris in South Korea received a review copy.