You can now rate and review flights on TripAdvisor

You can now complaint about flight delays and other airline issues on TripAdvisor. Pic: AP

HAVE you ever complained about a delayed flight or poor cabin crew service on your personal social media accounts? Well, you can now direct your grouses and rants directly to TripAdvisor.

As part of an overhaul of its flight service, the user-generated site recently introduced a function where users can review more than 300 airlines from around the world including the major players like British Airways and more obscure carriers like China’s Okay Airways.

The new review component complements TripAdvisor’s shopping comparison and aggregator function which allows users to compare travel plans and itineraries, flight prices and aircraft specifications.

Customers must first register as a member to be able to rate airlines based on eight categories including customer service, seat comfort, legroom, check-in and boarding experience, and food and beverage. Thereon, each airline is given a score of one to five based on customer feedback.

TripAdvisor flights

Brian Saltzburg, senior vice president and general manager of TripAdvisor Flights said, “There’s power in the image and power in the review. They provide travelers with insights they’ve never had before.”

Brian added that the market place has become more confusing for passengers in recent years as airlines look to unbundle services that have traditionally come with the price of a seat, such as checked baggage and seat reservations.

“With all the changes that have happened we’re really hoping to demystify the flight shopping experience and help customers manage what’s become a very complex and differentiated segment within the travel space.”

In other news, TripAdvisor as a review medium was recently slammed by The Guardian food critic Marina O’Loughlin for its lack of credibility and how it poorly reflects public consensus. “TripAdvisor has convinced its contributors that it is ‘one of us’, like a digital version of Nigel Farage or Donald Trump,” she wrote.

TripAdvisor CEO responded to the criticism by defending that the site has “fundamentally changed the way we travel”. He added that the community’s voice has done more to improve service standards than professional reviews ever could.