‘Six-star’ North Korea hotel gets slammed by guests on TripAdvisor

Ryanggang Hotel’s ‘six-star’ rating is misleading, to say the least. Pic: Korea Konsult

A “LUXURY” hotel in Pyongyang has taken a beating on TripAdvisor, with one guest likening it to a “Soviet retro hotel” experience.

The drab and soulless Ryanggang Hotel was granted a six-star rating by locals, but overseas guests seemed to have a different outlook altogether.

Upon checking in, guests found that the beds were hard, the water cold, the light switches broken, the corridors dimly lit, and the staff rude.

One reviewer from the UK claimed that the staff tried to get him to promote the country’s leader Kim Jong-un, and allegedly threatened him with arrest when he refused.

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Another reviewer from Estonia said: “Half of the power sockets are broken, and there’re bare (and possibly live) wires coming out of the floor which just end abruptly.”

A guest from Germany lamented that the beds are akin to wooden plates with a cushion on it. He added that there were no fruits in the hotel, but “that’s for most of the country”.

Last year, the leader of the rogue state expressed his wish to attract ten times the number of visitors into North Korea by 2017.

At present, there are currently 100,000 tourists visiting per year, but if his plan materializes, that figure will reach one million by next year, and two million by 2020.

Last month, a beer festival was held in the state capital, pulling in over 800 tourists and locals on its first weekend. The event was held to promote a popular local brew, and featured vocal performances.

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