The many faces of Bali: Canggu is a quieter, cheaper version of Seminyak

Luxury villas are peppered along the coast. Pic: Lv8 Resort Hotel

IF you’re one for the hip and trendy vibe in Seminyak, Canggu could be right up your alley. It has now gained popularity as the new (and to some, better) version of Seminyak.

A coastal village in South Bali with Seminyak in the North and Tanah Lot in the South, Canggu actually refers to an eight-kilometer beachfront stretch. Originally a rural fisherman village, it has developed quite rapidly in recent years thanks to its popular surfing spots and close proximity to Seminyak.

Today, Canggu is drawing the attention of many travelers who want a change of scenery from the overcrowded Seminyak – but not too much.

Catering to the overflow of tourists from Seminyak, Canggu offers many things that are similar to those you can find in Seminyak, but at a quieter pace and with a touch of its own.

Super luxe villas

Pic: Villas in Bali

Surfers’ utopia aside, it’s also a villa haven at Canggu. The best part? Compared to Seminyak, you’ll be paying less for some of the most luxurious villas in Canggu.

A few to note include Villa Levi which opens out to lush riverbank surroundings and Villa Puri Bawana which offers plenty of privacy for large families.

For amazing views, you’d enjoy Villa Ambra, one of the five Pantai Lima beachfront properties that give you a 180-degree-view of the paddy field vistas.

If you like contemporary aesthetics, the Arnalaya Beach House with its floor-to-ceiling glass doors, bright spaces and luxurious facilities is a fantastic place to live it up in Canggu.

A surfer’s paradise

Surfing is a common activity in Canggu. Pic: Pixabay

Surfing is a common activity in Canggu. Pic: Pixabay

Canggu lives up to its name as the “home of surfers” as there are many great surf breaks along its black-sand beaches with each offering its own chill-out vibe.

Berawa Beach is a top favourite – it’s located minutes away from Seminyak, which makes it easier for those who want to have the best of both worlds of Seminyak and Canggu.

There’s also the famous Echo beach with a large recreation area housing some of Canggu’s trendiest eateries. If you want some place quieter to bask under the sun, roll out your mats at Pererenan Beach and stay until the sun goes down – sunsets in Canggu are not to be missed.

Feed or feast

Pic: Finest Luxury Vacations

Hotel Tugu Bali offers a romantic setting for a special dinner. Pic: Finest Luxury Vacations

The variety of food choices at Canggu is splendidly diverse, offering you almost everything from burgers and fries to traditional Balinese cuisine.

For Western-styled eateries, Echo Beach has quite a great line-up with the likes of Echo Beach House and Deus Ex Machina offering a range of Asian and Western fare.

Up for surfer treats? Hit up the shack spots at Betelnut on Batu Bolong or Canteen Cafe at Batu Mejan. If you’re looking to wine and dine, Hotel Tugu Bali offers a romantic atmosphere amid a modern Balinese setting.

Fields of gold

Pic: Elite Havens

Canggu’s views of sprawling fields of paddy are stunning. Pic: Elite Havens

One of the best things about Canggu is the sight of rice fields that sprawl vastly across its coastal landscape, creating an illusion of it touching the ocean.

On one side, it’s a surfer’s territory, and on the other, vibrant rice fields are a reminder of Bali’s naturally gifted landscapes.

Most villas are designed to capture amazing views of these paddy fields, so if you’re staying in Canggu, opt for a place that opens out to these lush green views. Waking up to a serene environment is the best way to recharge and prepare yourself for a vigorous day out in Canggu.

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