Sales plummet for Donald Trump’s line of luxury hotels

The Trump International Hotel line is not doing well. Pic: Robert Martinez/flickr

THE toxicity of Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign has left a bitter taste among luxury travelers who frequent his chain of hotels.

A recent survey by Travel + Weekly indicated a plummeting of sales as 61 percent of travel agents said they are avoiding Trump-branded hotels and resorts since Trump began his presidential bid.

On top of that, over half of the agents questioned in the survey said that their clients are not interested in staying in Trump-branded properties.

The survey also indicated that the recently released tape that caught the candidate making lewd comments about women may have had an impact on hotel sales. Approximately 46 percent of those surveyed said the number of clients asking not to stay in Trump-branded properties increased after the tape was released.

In Asia, Trump International Hotel has a property in Bali and will open another in the Lido development in West Java.

A recent New York Magazine report also revealed that Trump International Hotel in Washington is dropping its rates by the hundreds of dollars to fill rooms, even during peak periods.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington houses an ultra-luxe Trump Townhouse that goes for a US$20,000 a night with amenities such as the branded Ivanka spa.

Trump also made the decision to omit his name from his newest line of hotels, instead calling it Scion, which means “descendant of a notable family”.

Slate reported that Scion is the rare – and possibly singular – venture of the Trump commercial empire that does not wear Trump’s name as a badge.

Scion is supposed to cater to the ‘we’ economy,” said Kathleen Flores, an executive vice president for Trump Hotels. “It’s not a place to stay, but a place to be.”

Slate added that for years, the Trump stamp has been used “on every asset in the Trump Organization, from condo towers, hotels, and golf courses to steaks and bottled water”.