New York Times to hold Singapore conference on luxury travel

The future of luxury travel will be tackled at the conference. Pic: Soneva Kiri

THIS December 1 and 2, The New York Times (NYT) will bring together global thought leaders, journalists, and influencers in the travel industry to a summit at Grand Hyatt Singapore to discuss and explore the future of luxury travel.

The conference will cover the worlds of travel in hospitality, technology, retail as well as fine dining, and will offer insights, innovations, and strategies into these categories.

Speakers include Beth Moses of Virgin Galactic, Sonu Shivdasani of Soneva, Melissa Ow of the Singapore Tourism Board, and Loh Lik Peng of the Unlisted Collection. Monica Drake and Sam Sifton, travel editor and food editor at NYT respectively, are among the moderators.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are the rise of Asian millennial luxury travelers, “authentic” luxury travel in Asia, how public relations can help the luxury cause, the technology revolution of the luxury travel world, and evolving luxury consumer tastes through food.

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