Adelaide will host two major beverage-themed events this year

Downtown Adelaide in the daytime. Pic: ymgerman/Shutterstock

THE Adelaide Convention Bureau announced that it will be hosting two major beverage-themed events this year, slated to boost business arrivals in the state of South Australia.

The Australian Craft Beer Industry Association’s (CIBA) premier annual event will feature a national conference, an expo, and an awards presentation, and will bring in some 500 craft brewers and industry personal into Adelaide.

CIBA’s executive officer Chris McNamara said that delegates from New Zealand and various parts of Asia will attend the event to exchange innovative ideas and methodologies in the world of craft brewing.

He added, “It is a sign of our high brewing standards and the regard with which the Australian craft brewing industry is held.”

Food Processing reported that premium and craft beers have overtaken big mainstream brands in terms of Australia’s market share while more beer manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their brands.

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There are no less than 150 boutique breweries in Australia and many of them bank on marketing, packaging, and labeling to build a strong connect with the market.

Meanwhile, the world Whiskies and Spirits Conference will also be held in Adelaide after organizers were attracted to South Australia’s healthy agricultural and viticultural industries. Since its debut in 2006, the event was only ever held in London, Scotland, and New York.

World Whiskies and Spirits 2017 will also mark the first ever whisky gathering of the industry in Asia-Pacific. The event will include analysis of local and international product, design, sales and marketing trends.

According to The Advertiser, jobs have grown in the tourism sector and the visitor economy has grown by US$613 million to sit at US$4.8 billion. An ambitious target of US$6 billion by 2020 has been set by the state.

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