Singapore passport holders have most ‘travel freedom’ in Asia
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Singapore passport holders have most ‘travel freedom’ in Asia

SINGAPORE passport holders have the most visa-free benefits among all other nations in Asia, according to the recent Henley & Partners Visa Restriction Index.

Currently, Singapore citizens can travel visa-free to 173 countries or territories, similar with countries like Britain and France.

Japan and South Korea followed closely – the former moving down a spot from last year after losing visa-free access to an unidentified nation.

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Malaysia and Brunei also fared well, allowing its citizens to travel to 164 and 151 countries respectively without visas.

Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, however, continued to sit on the bottom three, unchanged from the previous year.

While not instrumental to the index just yet, the recent US travel ban is beginning to shift the rankings.

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“We have witnessed several major events recently that are likely to have an impact on global mobility, including Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump,” Henley & Partners chairman Christian Kalin said.

The rank was designed based on the number of countries or territories that allow its citizens to travel abroad without visas.

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