China’s record-breaking attractions are unashamedly kitsch

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CHINA’S fast-paced development and dedication to ingenuity have earned it numerous superlative accolades.

These include the biggest freestanding building – the New Century Global Centre, the fastest train in commercial operation – the Shanghai Maglev, and the longest bridge – the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge.

The country is also the location for some novel (and downright wacky) titles like the world’s highest bar and the first ever treetop glass toilet block.

Here are a few sites in China that hold world records.

The Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Zhangjiajie

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World record: Longest mountain cable car ride

The Tianmen Mountain Cableway is one of three record-breaking attractions in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. Stretching 7km, it is currently the longest mountain cable car ride.

Passengers board the cableway in the city center and gradually ascend to a height of 1279m before disembarking at a picturesque area on the mountain known as the “Hanging Garden”.

En route to the peak, visitors can see some of the mountain’s most acclaimed sights including the celestial “Heaven’s Door” cave and the winding Tongtian Highway – otherwise known as the 99 Bends.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Hengqin

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World record: Largest aquarium

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of the biggest of its kind and holds five world records.

It is the site of the largest aquarium in the world with a vast capacity of 48.75 million liters, and it is home to 15,000 fish.

One of its most popular attractions, the WhaIe Shark Tank. features the world’s largest underwater viewing dome, which gives visitors the chance to enjoy a more immersive experience.

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The Grand Canyon Glass Walkway and the Bailong Elevator, Zhangjiajie

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World record: Highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge

Located a short distance away from the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Walkway, which spans a phenomenal 430m to connect the Lishuya and Wuwang slopes.

Suspended 300m above the valley floor, the bridge offers visitors a vertigo-inducing, panoramic view of one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. The exceptionally brave can even bungee jump for a closer look at the sweeping valley below.

But that’s not all. The park is also home to the world’s tallest outdoor elevator. Set into a cliff face, the Bailong Elevator or “Hundred Dragons Sky Lift” stands at a breathtaking 326m high.

The ride to the top lasts 92 seconds, just long enough to enjoy a unique view of the quartzite sandstone pillars that inspired the Hallelujah Mountains in the film, Avatar.

Sakyamuni Pagoda, Shuozhou

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World record: Tallest wooden pagoda

Standing an impressive 67m high, the Sakyamuni Pagoda of the Fogong Temple holds the world’s title as the tallest wooden pagoda.

The nine-story structure is 961 years old and has withstood both the test of time and various disasters from war to earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

Inside, visitors can see paintings that reflect the reign of the Liao Dynasty in which it was built, as well as Buddhist statues and other fascinating artefacts depicting China’s history.

The Great Wall of China, Huairou

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World record: Longest wall

The earliest construction of The Great Wall of China began around 770 BC, and to date, it is still the longest wall in the world – and the most famous. It extends a colossal 3,460km and runs from Hushan to the Jiayuguan Pass, crossing ten provinces.

The wall is split into sections – some are restored, but others are “wild”. Yet each has something different to offer whether it’s a challenging climb, varied scenery or ancient architecture and battle sites.

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