Living the high life: Airplane bars take it to the next level

Emirates’ new bar design emulates a horseshoe and features a champagne-hued palette. Source: Emirates

ORDERING a tipple on board is no longer a matter of simply choosing between wine and champagne.

More airlines are glamming up their onboard bars with snazzy lounges, a range of original cocktails and vested mixologists shaking up icy concoctions.

The onboard airplane bar is playing catch-up with the developments of on-ground bar trends, what with Emirates recently unveiling a new concept for Onboard Lounges on its line of flagship A380s.

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In a multi-million-dollar redesign, the Middle Eastern airline revealed its new saloon-style upgrade in a bid to emulate “private yacht cabins”.

The redesign follows customer feedback calling for more space for to mingle and socialize during long-haul flights.

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The revamp comes ahead of a new generation of first class suites airline executives have compared with private railway cabins or a private yacht.

Emirates CEO Tim Clark said, “We’re talking fully enclosed rooms, with all the touches and amenities you’d expect in a hotel or a private bedroom on a luxury yacht, room service and so on.”

Understandably, Etihad, one of the plushest airlines in the world, has a sleek, lacquered bar for first class and residence passengers. While there are no mixologists here, there sure are a range of colorful cocktails and finger food to kill those hours on board.

Etihad guests are also allowed to help themselves to the display of liqueurs – a luxury in itself. Bloomberg suggests prospective passengers zero in on the Billecart-Salmon brut rose or a glass of Glenlivet single malt Master Distiller’s Reserve.

Korean Air offers made-to-order cocktails, a futuristic get-up, and a rotating range of canapes and treats, while bars on Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic are stylish and dramatic.

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With so many airlines raising the bar, don’t be alarmed when fruity craft beers, molecular cocktails and hand-cut Italian ices make their way on board.

We suppose that’s one way to deal with the laptop ban.