Sit on grass, smell the flowers in Taiwan’s first ‘forest bus’

A new limited-service ‘forest bus’ was introduced as a treat to commuters in Taipei last weekend. Source: Shutterstock

PASSENGERS used to crammed city rides were in for a treat when the new “forest bus” started the ignition of its limited-time service in Taipei last weekend.

The fairy tale-like interior of the bus was made up like a forest complete with lush plants, flowers such as orchids and ginger lilies, and creeping ferns.

The “forest bus” route, which passed by an art museum, a popular temple and a night market, was limited to the No. 203 Kuang-Hua bus.

The installation was curated by florist Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang as a way to introduce more green spaces to the public.

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“I hope the public will feel it’s a beautiful and interesting experience,” Lin told AFP.

“They can smell the scent of summer on the bus and see the vibrant green plants to feel messages from nature.”

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While sitting on grass is definitely a novelty on any bus ride, passengers relished the experience by queuing up to board and taking photos.

Local Celine Wei told the publication, “I feel happy and relaxed on the bus smelling the flowers and plants. I hope it can become a regular service on a double-decker. It would become something special to Taipei.”