Bali: Shocking report reveals dog meat fed to unsuspecting tourists
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Bali: Shocking report reveals dog meat fed to unsuspecting tourists

ACCORDING to an expose by ABC’s 7.30, dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and fed to unsuspecting tourists who throng the beaches and restaurants.

Some of the animals are also allegedly poisoned before killed, raising concerns of animal cruelty and introducing risks to human health.

The report said dogs were being brutally bludgeoned or hung for consumption, and their meats have trickled into the tourist food chain in the form of satay.

Animals Australia’s campaign director Lyn White told ABC, “The dog-meat trade breaches animal cruelty laws and food safety laws. That is a statement of fact.”

Luke, ABC’s undercover journalist who reported on the story in Bali, spent four months infiltrating and documenting on video and saw dogs being muzzled, stunned, stepped on, and being fed cyanide-laced food.

The unregulated dog meat trade is facilitated by a gang of dog hunters known for “supplying large numbers of dogs to many restaurants throughout Bali”.

The Bali Animal Welfare Association estimates 70,000 dogs are slaughtered for consumption each year and is working to protect the island’s dogs. The association also estimates over 70 restaurants in Bali serve dog meat.

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Most Hindu locals in Bali do not condone the eating of dog meat as it goes against religious teachings.

“We were shocked when we heard people here in Bali are eating dog meat. It means they forgot their elders’ teaching,” influential Hindu spiritual leader Gusti Ngurah Harta told ABC.

“We are not allowed to eat dog meat in Bali. This is upsetting. In Hindu tradition in Bali, the dog is considered a holy animal. They are very patient and loyal to their owner.”