Messaging app Line to launch theme park in Bangkok
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Messaging app Line to launch theme park in Bangkok

POPULAR text messaging service Line will launch its own three-story indoor theme park in Bangkok later this year featuring virtual reality rides.

The US$14.7 million theme park aims to attract 12 million visitors a year, the project’s chief executive Kampanart Wonghongkul said, as reported by AP.

In the meantime, Line Village Bangkok will launch as a retail store that stocks dolls and official merchandise, a concept that already exists in Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

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“I think it’s hard to find Line merchandise in Thailand,” Sakdipat Thanee, a 27-year-old lawyer, told AP.

“You can only buy them from aboard or ask someone to bring them in. For people who love Line characters like me, having a Line store here means that I can easily shop here. I can meet Brown and Cony much more easily.”

Line is a popular messaging tool in Thailand, the second biggest market after Japan. The app is known for its range of animated “stickers” that feature anthropomorphic animals.

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Earlier this month, the Line Corp. president and CEO Takeshi Idezawa announced the company will launch its own artificial intelligence-powered smart speaker, which can be used to connect smart devices in the home.

The speaker will be able to create to-do lists, schedule appointments, and much like Siri, answer questions based on internet resources.

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