Chinese man casually passes security with human arms in luggage

The man was carrying the arms belonging to his brother, who lost them in an electrocution accident. Souce: Weibo

SECURITY officials in southwest China received a gruesome shock when a man walked through their bus station checkpoint with two human arms packed in his luggage, local media reported.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the 50-year-old man was caught with the limbs when he checked in his bag at a security scanner in Duyun in Guizhou last week.

Citing a report news website linked to the Chongqing Morning Post, SCMP reported the security officials initially thought the man was involved with a murder, leading to his arrest.

However, it was later revealed the man was carrying the arms his brother lost in an electrocution accident.

The man reportedly said he was carrying the arms to be returned to his brother, who asked him to carry the amputated arms back to his home for safekeeping.

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Traditional Chinese culture requires the whole body to be cremated or buried to preserve the body’s connection to place and family, reports SCMP.

Police later verified the man’s story, confirming the brother was undergoing further treatment.

However, it was uncertain whether the man had a permit to transport human body parts as required by the law.

Despite the confirmation, the bus station’s employees said travelers were banned from carrying human body parts on buses as a precaution for safety and hygiene even if they had the required permits.

Local reports said the man would need to find an alternative way to transport the arms back to his brother.

**This article first appeared on our sister site Asian Correspondent