Lily Wong

Lily is a freelance editor and writer based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. An avid travel, design, wellness and lifestyle writer, she has over a decade of publishing and writing experience. She currently handles print and digital content for local and international clients. Prior to this, she was the editor for several home and design magazines. She has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture.

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A done deal: How to master the art of bargaining in Asia

BARGAINING is a norm in Asian countries; you’ll find locals haggling for the best prices, and vendors caving in (sometimes, with little resistance) to your pestering.  With the exception of retailers...

Riding out the storm: How to stay safe during a typhoon

BARELY hours after Typhoon Sarika (local name Karen) left the Philippines after making landfall on Sunday, locals were alerted to the expected entry of yet another tropical cyclone, dubbed Typhoon...