Fort Chanwa Luni
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Fort Chanwa Luni


A restored fortress reminiscent of a romantic castle from bygone days converted into a heritage hotel located in a small village in Rajasthan. Proud owners Maharaj Dalip Singh & Rani Madhu Devi, warmly welcome travelers from distant lands offering princely hospitality in a remarkably enchanting historic setting.

From USD $130 to USD $150 for a double room per night


Enjoy an authentic Rajasthani meal at their in-house restaurant, where guests are served in typical rural style. Dinners are often followed by local entertainment and folk dances.

Alternatively, opt for continental and Chinese cuisine. The hotel also houses a well-stocked bar, where you can knock back a few amid conversations about the fortress’ glorious past.


Most of the 60 rooms in this hotel are decked with elegant four-poster beds, Rajasthani paintings, antique lamps and fittings, furnishings splashed with ethnic patterns and colorful borders, and spacious balconies with seating.

All the rooms come with modern comforts such as air-conditioners, attached bathrooms, telephone and fax facilities, cable TV, tea/coffee maker and a hair dryer. Some rooms even have large courtyards with swings.


Aside from indoor activities like swimming and gymming, the hotel offers golf, horse riding, and village safaris that can be taken in jeeps or aboard camels, wildlife sightings and outdoor picnic lunches.

With the aim of connecting with the local tribal community, these safaris comprise visiting and involving the tourists with local artisans like makers of handicrafts, pottery and fabric weaving.

The safari can also be combined with a lavish picnic spread and wildlife photography of creatures like the black buck, chinkaras and peacocks. Back at the hotel, you can request for elaborate thematic dinners replete with traditional costumes, folk dances and a typical thali dinner.


Set in the village of Luni, known for the settlement of the Bishnoi caste, Fort Chanwa is a classic fortress with imposing pillars, detailed lattice work friezes and traditional jharokas (intricately-carved overhanging balconies) made with red sandstone. Its tall iron gates began welcoming travelers in 1992; a time that saw a surge of heritage hotels cropping up throughout the state of Rajasthan.

The architecture of the property replete with secret passages, unexpected stairways and pavilions, secluded roof-tops, courtyard towers and numerous stables emanate an aura of mystery and thrill.

It’s no surprise then that the fort is a popular location for films and television shows in India. On the other hand, one can simultaneously succumb to the air of romance filled by the many spots within the property that encourage candle-light dinners and live folk music.

Adding a touch of modernity are a large swimming pool, massage parlor, health club, and a shop where you can purchase gifts and local handicrafts.

But there is one curious creation that has been preserved from the olden days that is truly worth seeing. A centuries-old water purifier system made of stone that strongly resembles a maze. Water used to be poured from one end and would get filtered of any impurities or dirt through the various turns it would take, after which it would reach the other end where a bucket was kept for the water to be filled in.

Customer Reviews

"This was one of our favorite stays in over a month in India. Beautiful, atmospheric and authentic; we felt like we had stepped back in time and were personal guests of the Maharaja! Both the fort and the village are a photographer's dream. And the service is excellent. I’d love to have stayed longer and would visit again should we return to India." Rita, Toronto.


"My daughter fell sick whilst travelling from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. The hotel staff went out of way to help us take her to hospital. We couldn’t go sightseeing, but enjoyed the stay at the hotel. Every night they had great Rajasthani song and dance performances, and the food was good. They even made special food I requested for my daughter. However, I was very annoyed at one thing. We couldn’t sleep properly because of wedding function somewhere nearby where the music was blasting till 4a.m. Although, it isn’t the hotel at fault, they could’ve helped by requesting the music be lowered in volume." Harish, Sydney.


"The property is beautiful and far from the city. The breakfast spread was fantastic, but considering the prices, it was bit of a letdown. It’s a great place to go and relax, but don’t expect much else to do in the neighborhood." – Pankaj, Jaipur.