Luang Poj Boutique Hostel
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Luang Poj Boutique Hostel


More a charming guest house than a hostel, the Luang Poj offers urban respite for the travel-weary. The restored inn sits along a main street in Ranong, Thailand. Each room reflects a unique design scheme, but all are meticulously clean, spare and inviting. This place is seriously good value for what you get.

From USD $13 to USD $30 per room. All rooms are double occupancy.


The hostel offers a bar and restaurant and the location in central Ranong on the main street ensure easy access to a wide selection of local food and drink.


Luang Poj Boutique Hostel has 8-well-furnished double bedrooms, 6 air conditioned and 2 fan rooms for you to choose from. And you are encouraged to choose your preferred room after a quick view if available.

Each room reflects a unique design scheme, but all are meticulously clean, spare and inviting. For example, one room was designed around a mural that depicts the original hotel, as it looked when it first opened in old Ranong.

Only double bed rooms are available, so the Luang Poj is best for couples or friends who are close enough to not mind sharing a bed. The hostel offers excellent quality accommodations, bar & restaurant, clean facilities and an authentically friendly atmosphere.

Bathrooms are communal but clean and well maintained at all times.


Ranong is surrounded by beautiful, lush wildlife and a short trip outside the town will bring you to hot springs and a waterfall.

If you’re just dropping by to do a visa run, however, the town is a quiet and friendly place to pass a couple of days before moving on. While visa runs can be a hassle, the port at Ranong is a bustling, colorful place that’s great for people watching if you’re up for it.

Food and services, such as barbering, are cheap here and it’s easy to get around.


There is definitely something a bit different about the Luang Poj Boutique Hostel. Previously the first hotel in Ranong, Luang Poj has developed its unique concept to become the first and only “Hip & Trendy Hostel” in Ranong, with the flair of Ranong’s remarkable history.

Luang Poj Boutique Hostel is situated on the main road of Ranong town, the hostel offers a Bar and Restuarant on the bottom floor with a space for a small chill out area in the front. All rooms are situated on the second floor and the communal bathrooms are remarkably clean and well kept to western standards.

Furnished with the original hardwood flooring and façade from when the hotel opened more than 100 years ago, the Luang Poj is quaint, elegant and a place that envelops its guests in serenity.

Customer Reviews

"I am a female travelling on my own and I felt very safe. The place is beautiful and very clean, would come back again."  Jacinta Taylor Foster, US


"Each room (and you can see each one before you decide) is super new and super funky - all with a different colour scheme. The beds are really comfy and the wifi (available everywhere) is extremely fast. The owner (and all the staff) is SO friendly and helpful, and is just a fantastic guy. He even drove us to the bus station because it was raining! HIGHLY recommended!!" Beau Peterson, UK


"I was planning to stay for just one night,but the atmosphere was so good i decided to stay another night.the wifi is great to have as well.the hostel in between the market/songtao-bus depot/center of town,and my favorite local (so far)coffee shop which is called dd coffee and has a very skinny wig wam/tee pee in front,as well as a wooden chief inside by the cash register!" John R, USA