The Poseidon House
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The Poseidon House


The Poseidon House is a luxurious beach home nestled in the dazzling tropical gardens above the secluded white sandy beaches of the exotic location of North Borneo. Perfect for families or couples wanting extra comfort and luxury for their beach getaway.

From USD $363 per night, USD $2200 per week.


Self-catered fully fitted Kitchen allows guests to either prepare food themselves, or the house staff can arrange meals to your requirements. Many local restaurants can be found in Kudat town, from local Chinese, Malaya and Indian cuisine to International 3 star fare.

The Poseidon house is located ten minutes away from a beautiful eighteen hole golf club. Fully operational with an open air restaurant serving delicious Chinese cuisine, guests are encouraged to bring their own wine to top off the day. The facility is truly a golfer's paradise, as the prices are flat out unbeatable.


Each and every room within The Poseidon House is generous in space, complete with restroom facilities, fully air-conditioned, and topped off with unparalleled views of the sea. The particularly unique Sunrise and Sunset Suites both hold within them a natural rock wall, while

The Master Suite is complete with a gorgeous ocean facing deck. Each and every room adds its own unique flavor to The Poseidon House; the Sunrise Suite reflects upon the warmth of the tropical atmosphere, while the Sunset Suite transports the intricate shells of the white sandy beaches to your very feet.

Above all, The Master Suite brings you to a height unmatched by any other; whether you are watching the sun disappear into the endless blue sea, or gazing up at the countless stars above.


Local Information: The Poseidon House is 5 minutes from the local airport, 10 minutes from the local golf course, and 15 minutes from the town centre of Kudat. For the keen explorer, the culture here is rich and diverse, as many local restaurants can be found serving a wide selection of different cuisines, ranging from Chinese, to Malaysian and even Western varieties.

Local attractions in Kudat include golf, water sports, and guided tours. Ranging from fishing trips to jungle hashing, there are a number of local activities that can be arranged upon request. The local atmosphere is charming and warm, making the local markets in the town centre a must see.

Kudat is kept alive by two main industries; that of the coconut palm, and fishing. Although the coconut industry has almost died out, thousands of acres of magnificent coconut plantations still remain. A drive down the miles of winding gravel roads will reveal some of the most beautiful old wooden plantation houses, many of which are hundreds of years old.

The fishing industry on the other hand, is still an ongoing way of life that is keeping Kudat running. An early morning visit to the local fish market can reward that early riser with the site of a traditional wooden fishing vessel docking into the harbour to unload its catch. Freshly caught fish, squid, and prawns are cheap and plentiful, and it is quite the experience to purchase a catch of your choice, then make your way to a local restaurant where the chef will be delighted to prepare it for you in a manner of your choosing.


The Poseidon House rests within the secluded fishing village that is Kudat. Located half an hour by air, or two hours by land from The International Airport of Kota Kinabalu; Kudat, along with its numerous offshore Islands, forms a part of the renowned 'Coral Triangle' in Asia.

You can spend hours on end combing the vast beaches for intricate shells, hiking to the famous Tip of Borneo, or scuba diving around the beautiful coral reefs just offshore from the beach house. Simply snorkelling at the water's surface will already reveal a bewildering array of dazzling tropical marine life, but if luck is truly by your side, you may even see turtles grazing near the shore.

Guests have use of the Poseidon Boathouse, which is located near the beach, and holds sea kayaks for those keen on exploring the surrounding area. Whether it be the adjacent beaches or numerous mangrove forests, the Poseidon House is a perfect holiday home for that much needed getaway.

Customer Reviews

"We stayed at the Poseidon house for a week over Christmas with two kids and had a fantastic time. The house is in a truly unique setting, no neighbours, no camp site, no disco, just jungle and passing eagles, hornbills and, on moonless nights, a perfect view of Orion's belt and Saturn. The staff was very nice and access to very cheap freshly fished local seafood grilled to perfection in the evening (along with a few beers) made it a very special holiday. Would definitely go again, especially to write (and sleep). Lovely local people too.  Perfectly safe." Frederick B. Singapore