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Wanderlust is a left-field and totally experimental boutique hotel which aims to draw madcap voyagers and curious travellers to its doorstep. Located in Little India – a bustling cultural enclave where Indian immigrants once settled, and the building was originally an old school built in the 1920s.

Expect to pay between USD $150 and USD $250 per night depending on room and season.


Located on the ground level of Wanderlust, Cocotte serves up unpretentious, rustic French cuisine in a casual and comfortable setting.

Encouraging social interaction and communal dining, dishes at Cocotte come in sharing portions so guests are encouraged to  enjoy a unique dining experience and sample a variety of scrumptious creations by the chefs.


Pantone: The 10 Rooms are ‘capsule-like’ and playfully rendered in different hues.

Pantone Deluxe: Also rendered in a single hue, this room feature one of its kind, vintage iron cast bathtub.

Mono: Inspired by paper, the 8 rooms are a mixture of Origami and Pop-Art rooms.

Mono Deluxe: The only Pop-Art room with a glass-encased bathtub.

Whimsical: Featuring 9 loft rooms with five varying themes, ‘Bling’ , ‘ASCII’, ‘Space’, ‘Tree’ and ‘Typewriter’.


You will have Singapore and “Little India” on your doorstep so you should not get bored for entertainment or things to see and do.


Singapore’s boutique king Loh Lik Peng collaborated with four local design agencies to create Wanderlust hotel, and they certainly did let their imaginations run wild.

Since the hotel occupies a heritage-listed former school, little could be changed on the outside, but stepping inside is like tumbling into a Technicolor dreamscape.

Surreal themes from Pantone colours to pop art, origami and childhood fantasies inspired the 29 rooms, no two of which are the same.

Wanderlust is bold and idiosyncratic, but, thanks to Peng’s finely honed approach to luxury, it’s also authentically bespoke.

Customer Reviews

"We chose Wanderlust with high expectations after reading comments from Tripadvisor, and we left the place after 3 nights, feeling super pleased.

We were not disappointed; the service from all staff was lovely, the room (Origami theme - 3rd floor) very comfortable and clean, and the breakfast was delicious! Would definitely return for a 2nd visit!" OMalley, Hong Kong


"I stayed here with a colleague for three days. The hotel is In little India which was excellent because my colleague is vegetarian and little India is exactly the sort of area of town that I love.

The hotel rooms were amazing. Mine on the fourth floor had a sculpture of a tree inside it with the bed raised up into the tree.

My colleague's room was completely black but with a white bed raised on a platform. Every room is different, imaginative and stunning. The service was excellent and all of the staff were extremely helpful and friendly." Mark, London UK