Destination: Yongma waterfall park

[16 May 2009: Correction made regarding claim of tallest waterfall; so much for trusting a Seoul City Government webpage!]

Not well known or particularly well-advertised, I found Yongma Waterfall Park (용마폭포공원) to be a wonderful escape for an afternoon, although I’ll have to return again for the best part: a sweeping, broad waterfall.

In the middle of a walking track was a soccer field where a game of some amateurs were playing. They were fun to watch for awhile, but watching the game through a net (see first picture) got old after awhile. The grass was synthetic, which explains it’s perpetual green state…

Ooh, look, pretty rocks and flowers. Not pictured nearby was some tennis courts and areas to play badminton.

Me getting fancy with the camera – the flowers nicely framed the foreground while the mountains filled the background

For those less interested or able to get fancy with the camera, the ‘Photo Zone’ is willing and able to direct those novice cameras at the beauties:

There we have them – the biggest waterfall in Asia, with a smaller waterfall on either side. It’s also home to the tallest waterfall in Asia one of the tallest in Korea, so it’s definitely worth a look. According to one of the Seoul government’s websites,51.4-meter Yongma Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Asia.[Hat tip to RobotMike for pointing here in the comments] To its left stands 21.4-meter Blue Dragon Waterfall, and to the right is the 21-meter White Horse Waterfall. These three waterfalls empty into a 700-pyeong pond lying below the falls – at least when the waterfalls are working! From what I’ve heard there is a bit of a shortage in the rain department, which may be why there is no waterfall…

The aforementioned pond – colored blue from a tarp.

The entrance to a nice park – you can choose to take the stairs or slide down… You can guess which one I took – the stai.. NAH, took the slide! Not very slick though… The pictures I took of the playground came out too dark though…

Yongma Waterfall Park is easy enough to get to via subway and a short walk, and is worth visiting for an afternoon whether the waterfall is working or not. It doesn’t take too long to explore, but there’s plenty of places and sit and relax.

Directions to Yongma Waterfall Park: Take line 7 of the Seoul subway system to the Yongmasan station, then take exit 1 to street level. Take an immediate right, then walk under the bridge and turn left to follow the road. Take the 1st right about 75 meters away, then climb the hill towards the mountain, and the entrance. Free admission, ample parking, and relatively handicapped-accessible.