Party time in Singapore… Project Green Room 2011

CONCEIVED as an event to bring a progressive music experience to an exclusive group of fans, Singapore’s Heineken Green Room party is held annually for its members who are at the forefront of the electro music scene.

Pic: Ogilvy & Mather

The party is not just a music event – it is a music laboratory in the making.

Most invite-only parties boast over the top décor and ritzy outfits, the Heineken Green Room party, on the contrary, retains that exclusivity – only Heineken Green Room members are invited – without the ostentation. A collaboration with Zouk, the party is set at never been thought of places every year; at a decrepit warehouse, police coast guard quarters, and this year on October 21, at a disused airport at Kallang.

No red carpets here, just hard gravel and gritty asphalt.

Pic: Ikonika - Ogilvy & Mather

The venue chosen resembled a top-secret gene research facility, as the staff donned laboratory coats and goggles. The Heineken green logo lit up in the dark next to body-scanning laser lights emitting from all corners. Electro music was mixed and manipulated, moving the crowd.

Themed “Redux: Project Green Room”, this year’s event invited participants to engage in a ‘laboratory experiment,’ with Jamie Woon and Ikonika selected as the ‘revered prototypes’ in an elite gene pool of test subjects. Experimental at its best, the setting represented a raw and sterile environment focusing on the controlled aspect of experimentation, yet at the same time, embraced an unrestricted musical expression of flourishing ideas; white masks lined the fence against the backdrop of Ikonika’s set, exuding mystery while fostering artistic freedom.

Pic: Ikonika - Ogilvy & Mather

The line-up for the night promised nothing but a multi-sensory experience. Cherry Chan, a local DJ and the mind behind the city’s first all-girl DJ night, opened the evening together with Izaak Stern. The explosive crowd started bobbing their heads to the heavy bass and tingling beats. Twenty-eight year old Jamie Woon then took the stage, enthralling fans with his stirring voice and powerful melodies. Ikonika, the Dubstep guru and electro maestro who made her mark in a male-dominated music industry, greeted the already psyched-up crowd, and the thumping cadence of her music made the crowd go wilder. Her heavy beats reverberated, and as the night came to an end, the audience clamored for more.

Pic: Jamie Woon - Ogilvy & Mather

Not only did the beats resonate with the crowd, the event aims to leave its mark indelibly upon its fans and community.

“Each Heineken Green Room event is conceptualized with the idea to innovate and inpire the community not just through the type of the music that is showcased, but also through bringing in progressive new international artists with fresh sounds,” said Ms. Wong Mei Wai, Head of Marketing, Asia-Pacific Breweries Singapore.