Destination: Seoul Design Fair 2011

It’s over now – but it was still fun.

The Seoul Design Festival – not to be confused with the Seoul Design Fair.

Pay the 7,000 won admission fee, enjoy the disco ball.

Oil lighters, anyone? Created by LEE Dong-kyu (이동규).

“The key to dreams”? It looks like an executioner’s chair, sans the wires. Created by KIM Myung-Sun (김명선).

‘Butterfly effect over the rainbow’ – inspirational, if a little busy. Created by KIM Min-ha (김민하).

A hand-made bicycle – interesting, though I challenge anyone to actually ride this around Seoul. Created by PARK Jong Deok (박종덕)

Light bulbs serving as heads? These look too similar to effigies… Created by KIM Ji Youn (김지윤).

It’s time for the corporations to get involved. Presented by 예지미인 (Ye-ji-mi-in), in case you need a name.

Birds of a feather… appear as silhouettes. Created by NA Sang-il (나상일).

Minority Report called – they want their prototype back. I didn’t stick around long enough to see what applications this demo was showing off, but it could be pretty cool.

A relaxing part of the exhibit – despite being in the middle of it all, it was calm inside. This would’ve been a great place to serve some tea.

The greatest irony was the bamboo logs serving as the benches people were actually allowed to sit on.

While a decent diversion to the rest of the COEX Mall, too much of it seemed like the random offerings found in department stores or art galleries. The commercial section (not pictured) made me wonder exactly what we were paying 7,000 won a pop for – surely these spots cost a bit more than starving artists making futuristic chairs…?

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