Travel Therapist: Melbourne’s unpredictable weather

I am travelling to Melbourne in January. I have heard that the weather is extremely unpredictable. How do I pack for this trip?

Melbourne is stereotyped with the cliché of having four seasons in one day. As annoying and repetitive as that may sound, it is unfortunately true. Having lived in Melbourne for a while, I am now used to the capriciousness. However, I can imagine it to be quite the quandary for a first time visitor.

January is generally hot in Melbourne. Temperatures can go up to 40 degree centigrade as well. For the hot days you must carry comfortable slippers, or thongs as they are called here. Try and stick to cotton fabrics, as they are light and airy. Synthetic materials tend to cling to your body thus making you sweat. Needless to say sun block and shades will come in handy and work as a boon surviving scorching summer days.

Feel free to bring bright colours, floral prints, sundresses and shorts (a signature Aussie summer outfit). If you have the confidence to pull it off, a hat will not only keep you cool, it will also turn a few heads in admiration.

Miranda Kerr flaunting the summer collection Pic:

In the evenings, temperatures are likely to drop. Generally it will not be cold, but it may be pleasant, breezy and perfect weather to explore the city on foot.

Nevertheless, the most important item that must always find a corner in your handbag is an umbrella. Fickle Melbourne weather can astonish you with pleasant mornings leading to hot afternoons that finally result in a drizzle in the evenings and sometimes, shuddering thunderstorms.

For instance, Melbourne is known for its summery Christmas and sure enough the day started traditionally. The afternoon, however, stupefied us with rain and a hailstorm. Therefore, even though we were far from enjoying a cold, snowy Christmas, a hailstorm was the closest we got.

And then we have the rainy days... Pic:

Post rain, the air becomes nippy and often it is windy. Temperatures can vary from 14 degrees to 24 degrees approximately. A light coat, wind-resistant jacket, cardigan or long-sleeves will certainly come in handy. Layers are the trick to dealing with Melbourne weather as it keeps you prepared for the bolt from the blue. Tuck in the jackets in your handbag when it’s tepid and spring it out during the nip in the weather.

Enjoy Melbourne, take a trip to the beach and soak in the sun as every Melburnian looks forward to the few warmer months in the year and escaping July’s sub zero temperatures.