Australians unite in search for mystery girl from holiday snaps

MEDIA outlets in Australia have been helping in the search for the owner of a camera that turned up on Bondi Beach.

The camera contained images of a girl feeding a wallaby, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and on board a sailing ship.

Tourism operator Passions of Paradise posted the photos on their Facebook page with the query “Are these your photos?” in a bid to find the owner.

Passions also wrote:

A camera containing these photos and many more was sent to Passions. It was found on Bondi Beach and some kind citizen sent to us hoping we could reunite it with its owner. It contains loads of pics from around Australia that someone is sure to be missing. Get in touch if you think it is yours or know who may own it.

One of the photos from the camera.

The Courier Mail called the girl the “unwitting face of tourism in tropical Australia”.

The bright-eyed brunette and her friend are just happy young tourists on the holiday of a lifetime, captured on camera found by a beachcomber on Sydney’s most famous beach, about 2400km south of Cairns at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Tourism operators posted some of the pictures on Facebook in a bid to reunite the camera with its owner.

“Some kind citizen sent it to us, hoping we could reunite it with its owner,” said Cairns-based Passions of Paradise spokesman Adam O’Malley.

 “It contains loads of pics from around Australia that someone is sure to be missing.”

Channel 7’s Sunrise show also helped with the campaign to find the owner, and they, along with Passions of Paradise, have indicated the mystery has been solved.

To get the full story though you might have to tune into Sunrise next week to find out.

Although, a little hunting through the Passions of Paradise Facebook pages reveals it could be one Annie Thompson who wrote this to them:

This is my camera!! I just saw the video from Sunrise news! It’s a pink Sony camera with four round stickers down the side. I went to the reef with Passions of Paradise in November but now live in Sydney. Please take a look at my pictures and you’ll see they are the same as on the camera. Please contact me to figure out a way for me to get it back. Those pictures are precious and the person that turned my camera in is truly amazing!!!