5 destinations for the perfect Asian wedding

STAYING at home to get married might just be too run of the mill and rather expensive, depending on where you’re from. Asian weddings offers plenty of unique places and locations for the ceremony, reception, celebration or honeymoon and don’t have to cost a fortune. Besides, if you’re there to get married you’re already on holiday and on your honeymoon. What’s more, there are plenty of multi-faith options too from Balinese to Thai Lanna blessings or traditional Western ceremonies.

With elephant trekking, exotic temples, vibrant cities and incredible culture to enjoy while you take your vows, Asia is an exciting place for a wedding. With festivals, history, wonderful landscapes and various artistic traditions you should find something in this list of five places for your own unique experience. Just make sure you check out all the legalities before you go.

Underwater weddings in Thailand.


Anywhere in the beautiful archipelago that is Indonesia would be superb for a wedding but Bali has some of the country’s best organised tourist services, connections, resorts and facilities. From idyllic beaches to tropical interiors complete with smoking volcanoes, idyllic rice terraces and beautiful temples there are numerous excellent backdrops for a wedding, plenty of traditional elements to include and wonderful food for the catering. Most of the major hotels and resorts offer wedding and honeymoon packages.


The variety of experiences in Thailand make it the perfect choice for a beach, city or forest wedding. There are a wealth of beach resorts, cultural and historical backdrops or adventurous activities such as rafting or elephant trekking to make a wedding in Thailand one to remember. Thailand has become a very popular place for weddings and you can choose between Western or Thai ceremonies.


Vietnam is another place that has fast become a hit on the wedding circuit. You can choose from a beach wedding to a highland fling or even a watery union in the wonders of Halong Bay. If you went to Hoi An you can get your wedding outfits tailored before you take your vows and enjoy the wonderful cuisine the town is famous for. There are a lot of choices available. Whatever you opt for, there are plenty of resorts across the country that have wedding packages that can assist you.

Fishing boats in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Pic: Joanne Lane, www.visitedplanet.com


The glitzy ultra modern hype of a city such as Tokyo, the rich artistic heritage anywhere across the country, and the varied splendour of Japanese landscapes make it a superb choice for a wedding or a honeymoon. The Japanese are renowned for their organisation and attention to detail so you can be assured everything will be prepared to perfection and politeness.


In India there is so much history to offer and a variety of spiritual traditions to incorporate into your own ceremony. In fact the spirituality of the nation may well be a wonderful factor in your union with your life partner. Popular wedding choices in India include historic palaces in Japiur, Kerala’s pristine backwaters and Goa’s beautiful beach resorts. Goa is particularly well versed in organising foreign weddings.

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