5 essential Singapore travel apps

AS you would expect given its high-tech geek status, the Lion City has produced some great local Singapore travel apps that help locals and visitors eat, sleep and enjoy their lives. There are plenty of these savvy apps out there, but here are five that come recommended, and more importantly are free. If you would like to add to the list feel free to comment below the article.

Summon Auntie
This is a fantastic app for those driving around Singapore who want to avoid a parking fine. When you pull in you open the app and press “park”, which will lock your location into your GPS. If you see a parking inspector in the area you simply hit “alert” on your phone and it will tell all other “parked” iPhones within a 200m radius. The Summon Auntie developers have also developed a “kena” button that will let your fellow drivers know when you do get a ticket.
Price: Free

Pic: summonauntie.com

Singapore Transit
Everything you want to know about getting around Singapore is contained in this app: bus schedules, taxi numbers, subway maps and more.
Price: Free

Pic: apple.com

If you want to decipher all the nuances of Singlish (Singapore English) the Hosay! app is perfect for you. It features 80 phrases that will help you do anything from insult others to order food and give holiday greetings. And if you can’t pronounce it the app will play it out loud.
Price: Free

Pic: Hosay

We all know Singapore’s Changi airport is fantastic, well now there’s an app that makes it even better. iChangi has live updates on flights so you’ll know if you’re flight, or your loved one’s, is delayed, has landed or is incoming. It will also tell you about the shopping, dining and other great services on offer at Changi.
Price: Free

Pic: apple.com

If you’ve spent any time in Singapore you’ll know how passionate the locals are about their food. The HungryGoWhere app is universally loved throughout the city state with 6000 F&B (food and beverage) establishments listed with 20,000 reviews. It includes maps, photos and directions to help you get there whenever you’re feeling hungry.
Price: Free

Pic: apple.com

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