Daily Digest: Today’s Asia travel news at a glance – March 23

FROM jelly bean singers to playing golf on airlines, there’s some weird and wonderful stories gracing the headlines of Asia travel news today. Read the full wrap-up here.

Kina Grannis pictured in the YouTube video In Your Arms.

Jellybean singer sells out three shows at Sydney Opera House

Heralded as the next Justin Bieber, Californian singer Kina Grannis, has managed to sell out three Sydney Opera House shows without ever being broadcast on radio.

Grannis first started a YouTube channel four years ago but her biggest hit was In Your Arms, a stop motion clip with backdrops made with jelly beans.

Grannis will perform in Sydney this weekend.

Pic: news.com.au

Sky high golfing on flights in New Zealand

Fancy playing golf at 30,000 feet? In just one of the new gimmicks offered by airlines, Air New Zealand passengers can putt for prizes between Auckland and Queenstown.

The inaugural NZ PGA Pro-Am tournament is on select flights only over the next five days.

Prizes include a trip to watch the Pro-AM Championship.

Li at La Villette in Paris. Pic: AP.

Monk photos reach new heights

Chinese artist Li Wei has been wowing crowds with his work in Paris featuring him dressed as a monk suspended above fountains and in other acrobatic locations.

The work is not trick photography, rather he uses wires, scaffolding and smoke to enhance his shoots. Li’s photos can sell for up to $8000.

Scoot airline staff. Pic: news.com.au

Fly from Singapore to the Gold Coast for $88

Singapore Airline’s new lost carrier will start flying to the Gold Coast from June 27.

It will launch with cut-price flights offering unrivaled deals for Singaporeans and Australians to commute between the two centres. These could be as little as $88 one way.

The move will also open up the Gold Coast to Singapore’s other connections.

Asia travel news round-up compiled by Jo Lane