Performance: And More Fest (punk, baby!)

UPDATED 27 March 2012: A hat tip to Shawn for correcting a couple details.

Punk rock is alive and well in Seoul – if you know where to look. Props to my friend Jon who told me about the show in a relatively new venue in Yongsan – the Jeonja Salon (전자 쌀롱).

First up: Stay Alive (스테이 얼라이브) – a pop-punk sort of sound.

The crowd didn’t really start showing up until later, which was a shame.

Next band up: the Coin Rocker Boys (코인 록커 보이즈):

Rocking and having a good time.

Next up: Midnight Smokin’ Drive (미드나잇 스모킹 드라이브):

Smokin’. I love how punk bands choose an English name, then transliterate it into Korean.

Next up: Propeller 21 (프로펠러 21):

Note the gentlemen in the background with the Seattle jersey – not sure how many different bands he’s playing in, but there were at least two tonight.

Next up: Ska Sucks (스카 썩스) – one of the highlights of the evening:


Don’t ask me why lead singer was kicking the bassist.


Don’t ask me what the lead guitarist is doing crawling on the ground.

The final act: Burning Hepburn (버닝 햅번):

Yes, punk and ska are alive and well – and have been adapted by the locals in their own unique way. Jon, my girlfriend, and I were literally 3/4 of the foreign population at the event – the other several dozen were Korean.

To keep up to date with the Korean Punk and Hardcore scene, check out the appropriately-named Korean Punk and Hardcore page on Facebook. If you can read Korean, check out for information on the artists and venue.