In pictures: Halong Bay, Vietnam

THE UNESCO World Heritage listed Halong Bay in Vietnam’s north east is a perennial favourite with travellers and for good reason.

The bay features numerous karst outcroppings and isles that pop liberally out of the beautiful aquamarine waters. And the opportunity to tour through these or even stay overnight on a houseboat attracts thousands to the Quang Ninh province each year.

While it’s hardly undiscovered the watery sojourn is memorable and nothing quite beats waking up to the rocking of waves and the smell of the ocean if you do stay overnight.

There are a range of travel options to experience Halong Bay but it is recommended to stay at least one night on board and perhaps undertake some sea kayaking to see the islets up close, swim at least once or twice from the boat, trek on one of the islands and explore the spectacular caves in the area.

Spectacular scenery in Halong Bay.


Dramatic features in one of the caves. Some of the islands are hollow and feature vast caves with stalactites and stalagmites.


Sea kayakers head out to explore the karst islets. Sea kayaking is a common activity added on tours of the region and is the best way to explore the odd formations on the isles.


Women on boats bearing fruit and vegetables.


The proffered fruit and vegetable produce.


A passing fisherman. There are also floating fishing villages in Halong Bay.


Staff and guides onboard the houseboat entertain themselves with a game.


Flapping laundry and a view from the top deck.


The morning view from the cabin windows.

All images are by Joanne Lane from