The secret to escaping budget airline fees

Thanks to a fellow Ryanair passenger for the response to my post about the “I hate Ryanair website“.

Francis Shenstone wrote:

I think some people hate Ryanair, but really you just have to read what you are buying. You can’t complain about not getting what you wanted in a product or service if you didn’t read the terms and conditions and know what is included.

People need to read this guide to flying Ryanair!

He is absolutely correct.

I learned the hard way with a rather diabolical experience on my first Ryanair flight in Europe this trip. I’ve actually travelled Ryanair many times before but it’s been a few years since then and in the meantime I’ve kind of become accustomed to the Asian budget airline’s services and flexibility – and I mean that in a really positive sense. I actually think the Asian budget airlines’ quality and services are head and shoulders over the European ones. Might expand more on that later.

But it was a bit of a shock to get back to Europe after a few years and find Ryanair has really tightened up their services. Any straying from their rules results in hefty fines or may even lead them to preventing you from embarking.

I was completely done at Rome airport for having two bags for hand luggage despite them both being less than the total weight of 10kg allowed. The result – a 70 euro fee. Yes it was listed on the website that you can only have one bag of a maximum of 10kg. I’d clicked through to say I agreed with this but I did think this would hardly be enforced in Italy and my bags combined only weighed about 7kg. No luck however, even though I gave the woman at check-in a bottle of wine that would not fit in my luggage.

However I since got hold of a bag big enough to fit them both in and have had no problems since on three successive flights. Moral of the story – knowing the policies and following them to the letter is definitely the secret to escaping hefty fees, as Francis pointed out.

So enjoy your flights everyone – and read that fine print!