Destination: Maze Park / Seri World (Seogwipo city, Jeju-do)

WHAT’S that, you said? There are three maze parks on Jeju-do? Yep – although this one feels like the ‘me-too’ of the trio. Although it’s about 4,950 square meters, it’s hard to see the deceptively large size until you make it to the halfway staircase. It’s still fairly simple as the staircases are useful landmarks, but expect to walk some distance before you’re done.

And so it begins…

Don’t forget about the dinosaurs and the photo opportunities with them – two are out front before the maze, while this one is within the maze.

Looking down into the maze from the halfway staircase.

While there’s no official path to the dinosaur inside the maze, you’ll find a path just after you walk down the halfway staircase.

While you’re nearby, check out the hot air balloon and kart racing if you like – both are pricier, but fun for kids and families.

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Address: Jeju-do Seogwipo-si Beop-hwan-dong 877
Korean address: 제주특벽자치도 서귀포시법환동 877
Directions:  If you’re driving a rental car, type in the address or phone number. It’s just past the World Cup Stadium – while there’s no English signage, keep your eyes peeled for the signs that say 세리월드 (Se-ri Wol-deu) or 미로공원 (Mi-ro-gong-won).
Hours: 9am – sunset (from July 20th to August 20th, 8:30am-8pm)
Admission: 3,500 won.
Phone: 064-739-8253 or 064-739-8254