In pictures: Charming Kochi on India’s south coast

KOCHI, formerly Cochin, is a port city on the west coast of India. What makes Kochi unique is that it was once the centre of the Indian spice trade. Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Greeks, Romans, Jews, Arabs and Chinese all traded here and all left their influence on the city in a collection of religious establishments, architecture, products and even fishing styles.

Wonderfully, many have survived the passing of the years and today there are still Portuguese churches, Chinese fishing methods, a Jewish synagogue, various spice markets and a Dutch palace. Most of these are located at Fort Kochi and Mattancherry.

Kochi has become a major tourist destination in south India, here’s a few photos to demonstrate why.

Typical Portuguese style villa at Fort Kochi Pic: Joanne Lane,


Laneway to the Jewish synagogue at Mattancherry, dating back to 1568 Pic: Joanne Lane,


One of numerous spice shops at Mattancherry Pic: Joanne Lane,

It's still India - a line of rickshaws at Fort Kochi Pic: Joanne Lane,

The Chinese fishing nets - a fishing practice introduced by the Chinese and still followed today. The nets have also become an icon of the city. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Hauling on ropes to bring in the catch Pic: Joanne Lane,


One fish to show for their labours. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Portuguese church, Bolgatty. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Fishing boat in the harbour Pic: Joanne Lane,


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All images by Joanne Lane,