Performance: Teddy Boys, Knock Down, and the Rock Tigers (DGBD, Seoul)

CISK note: trying something new with this post – videos! Still photography remains my favorite, but this was a test to see how it would turn out. 

When it’s time for an album release, it’s time to tour – and boy do the Rock Tigers know how to put on a show. In case it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten out of your school-provided apartment, these guys are basically the pioneers of rockabilly in Korea.

First up – Teddy Boys:

Great sound, and a great look – all their songs were in Korean, but clearly they’ve practiced plenty more than their music to get to this point.

Next up – Knock Down:

This was about as far from rockabilly as you could get. The lead singer screamer seemed more stumbly than a newbie on a bottle of soju, and screamed more than 5 classrooms worth of 6 year-olds. The only difference detected between songs was when the instruments stopped, since they all sounded like they were in the same chord and time signature. We very nearly left, resolving to come back after they finished, except it was freakin’ cold out.

Redemption finally came, however, with the Rock Tigers taking the stage. After doing the same couple of songs to open up their act, I was concerned they might not play any of their new ones!

They pulled several of the new ones out, and all sounded intriguing enough to make the 10,000 won album worth the price.

As is usual, the crowd wouldn’t let them without a few encores. If you’ve never been to a Rock Tigers show, enjoy the energy (and the stage diving!) seen here:

A great show – and there’s plenty more tour dates to go. The tour goes through Jeonju, Cheonan, Gwangju, back to Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, and makes a pit stop at the Mongol Rock and Roll Festival in Ulaanbaatar. For more information, see below or head to – note the opening band(s) vary by show: