In pictures: Patan durbar square

KATHMANDU has seven world heritage sites and the Patan durbar square is one of the most atmospheric.

Built in the 3rd century by the Kirat dynasty, it is a hub of daily life with anything from tourists to religious pilgrims, jewellery sellers, old men talking and women collecting water visiting throughout the day.

Beyond the people is an incredible backdrop of stupas, gate ways, water conduits, beautiful courtyards and carved doors and windows.

A man peers from an elaborately carved window frame over Patan durbar square.

Local markets near Patan square

A statue of ganesha adorns one of the main entranceways to Patan.

A hub of activity at all times of day

A young girls sits in an elephant carving in Patan durbar square.

Prayer wheels for sale in Patan

Women collecting water from conduits in Patan durbar square.

A common sight in Patan are groups of chatting men, wearing traditional Nepali hats.

Some of the temples of Patan durbar square

Images by Joanne Lane,