In pictures: Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma

SHWEDAGON Pagoda is Burma’s most famous Buddhist monument. It rises like a beacon above the city skyline in Yangon which is no mean feat, given the high-rises springing up around the city today.

Located near downtown Yangon, the pagoda is both a signature landmark but also a place of great reverence. Even locals passing in buses bow their heads and offer up prayers.

Whatever time of day one visits Shwedagon, there is always activity from the devout that have come to pray, make offerings, people watch or be tourists.

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Here are some images showing some of the activity around the pagoda itself and in the streets around – a hive of restaurants, nuns, monks, accompanying pagodas, monasteries and shops selling religious paraphenelia.

Buddhist carvings are done around the base of the pagoda.

A row of candles at Shwedagon

The busy street near Shwedagon with the pagoda in the background

A row of Buddhist statues

Incense burning

The famous golden stupas of Shwedagon

Monks live in and around Shwedagon. They are often seen talking to tourists, saying prayers and walking around the pagoda.

School girls lighting candles at Shwedagon.

All images by Joanne Lane,

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