Maneland Jungle Lodge: Lost in nature in Gujarat

TO experience a real jungle setting look no further than the Maneland Jungle Lodge on the fringes of the Gir Sanctuary a few kilometres outside Sasan village. Located inside a sanctuary that contains such exotic animals as the Asiatic Lion, the Maneland doesn’t disappoint with animal sightings. Lions and leopards are spotted on the lawns often enough that you may be advised to keep your windows closed at night.

Maneland Jungle Lodge

Maneland Jungle Lodge


What makes it special?


At Maneland, you really get a sense of the jungle. Not only can you see it just outside your window, but the hotel utilises natural resources and designs to create a place that just seems to fit its surrounds.

Maneland’s cottages are made from local stone and feature arches, balconies and various Gujurati designs. The rooms are cool and the furnished with bright bedspreads, cane chairs, mosaics and statues. Some of the beds and furniture are actually built into the stone walls.


What to expect?


The Maneland Jungle Lodge offers accommodation in rustic cottages that are comfortable and relaxing but not overly luxurious. Don’t expect hot running water 24 hours a day, television or even phones in the room. But you can expert courteous service and a real jungle experience. Guests that are willing to embrace their surroundings and spend time with each other, rather than technology, will best enjoy Maneland.

Maneland Jungle Lodge

Maneland Jungle Lodge


What is there to do?


Most people come here to take safaris into the Gir Lion Sanctuary and National Park. The hotel can provide a jeep and driver to venture into the sanctuary where you could might come across lions, leopards, hyenas or Chital deer, or enjoy the myriad of plant species.

However, there are other excursions you could consider as well, such as to the beaches of Diu or Chorwad; historical centres like Gondal, Rajkot, Junagadh and Verawal; or local hot springs and farms. Maneland also has a swimming pool, a small library and a few indoor games. They can also arrange for a masseur to visit and sometimes have a bonfire with tribal dancing.

Maneland Jungle Lodge

Maneland Jungle Lodge

Those that have come in groups for business or education can also utilise the conference facilities on site.


What’s the damage?


The prices at Maneland Jungle Lodge won’t break the bank. The standard room is the most economical at Rs. 3500 per night (US $65) but that includes all meals and two people. The deluxe rooms is Rs. 4500 (US$83) for the same deal and the bungalow Rs. 8000 (US $150). It is possible to negotiate a tariff without meals if you would prefer.

Rates for excursions and transport are also reasonable. They have seasonal discounts and various offers from time to time – ask for details. Special rates are also available for groups, children and other tours.

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