Where to shoot stunning photos in Asia

TRAVEL and wonderful photography seem to go hand in hand in Asia. There are numerous destinations providing an array of portrait opportunities, fantastic landscapes, colourful markets and amazing street scenes.

Here are five of Visited Planet‘s favourite destinations for photography.

Woman in Ubud, Bali.

Bali, Indonesia

The landscapes in Bali vary from good surf breaks and rugged coastlines to golden beaches, smoking volcanos and verdant paddy fields. Captured in good light they make for excellent photographs just begging to be taken. There’s also interesting architecture with numerous temples and old palaces. Balinese culture including the food, traditional dancing and festivals is also very colourful. And if you’re into underwater photography the diving and snorkelling opportunities also make for some good shots.
When to visit: April-October

Camels in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Rajasthan, India

The incredible array of forts, palaces, havelis, festivals and wonderful landscapes make Rajasthan one of India’s number one tourist destinations and a dream for the avid photographer. The pink city of Jaipur, the blues of Jodhpur, the deserts around Jaisalmer and Udaipur’s wonderful Lake Palace make for incredible photographic opportunities and then there’s the fabrics setting off women’s saris, shop fronts and houses. And the people are fascinating and wonderful for portraiture. It’s a real smorgasbord with some excellent festivals as well.
When to visit: October-February

The Annapurna range from Poon Hill above rhododendron flowers.

Annapurna ranges, Nepal

From incredible steep terraced hillsides to well kept villages, rushing streams and snow capped mountains, the Annapurna region offers plenty of opportunity to those who are happy to lug some good photographic gear up here – and lug it you will have to do as the best way to get around is on foot (you can hire a porter however). In spring the hillsides around Ghorepani on the Annapurna Circuit come alive with wonderful rhodendron flowers, in the cooler months the snow fall is thick on many of the trails, the villages are interesting with fascinating people particularly in some of the side valleys of the Circuit and there are plenty of animals as well from yak to sheep and goats.
When to visit: late September-January

Tian Chi lake north of Urumqi.

Xinjiang, China

It’s hard to believe you’re still in China when you come to Xinjiang. Not only are the people more like a chapter out of the Middle East but so too are the landscapes. There’s a real mystique to Xinjiang with the ancient cities along the Old Silk Road, where the well preserved and sometimes crumbling architecture makes for excellent photography. The towns themselves are cultural melting pots with an array of faces to photograph. The landscapes are other worldly too with high mountains, alpine lakes, desert plains and green valleys.
When to visit: April-May, September-October

Friendly tea pickers in the high country.

High country, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s beautiful green high country is ripe with photographic pickings. Misty tea plantations, smiling pickers at work amongst the tea leaves, elephants bathing, the stunning Kandyan dance, friendly locals, colourful festivals, beautiful forests and gardens, cultural centres like Kandy and old colonial hotels and buildings – there’s real variety of subject matter for photography here.
When to visit: September-November

All images by Joanne Lane, www.visitedplanet.com