In pictures: Sri Lanka’s hill country

THE high country of Sri Lanka is a verdant carpet of misty mountains, tea plantations, cool air, forested hills, old colonial hotels and wonderful landscapes. The region is often a welcome respite for travelers from the humid tropical coasts of Asia. And the picturesque settings, laid-back nature and natural beauty of the region is a highlight, plus there’s plenty of history and culture on offer too. Here are some images to highlight the region from Kandy, Bogawantalawa and Bandarawela.

A tea picker at work on a plantation near Bogawantallowa. Tea production in Sri Lanka is important to the local economy and world tea products. The climate in the highlands of the country make it idea for tea production, it is second only in exports to Kenya.


A tea picker near Bogawantallowa. Tea production employs over one million Sri Lankans and many of them are young women.

Sri Lanka long has been described as a paradise by travellers.
~ John Richardson

Elephants bathing at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage outside Kandy, initially set up to care for orphaned elephants found in the forests of Sri Lanka. In 2011 there were 88 elephants.


Tea pickers passing Adam's peak, a 2243m mountain that has been a pilgrimage centre for hundreds of years.

Adam’s Peak: One of the vastest and most reverenced cathedrals of the human race.
~ John Still

The famous Kandyan dancers. The elaborate costumes and high energy of these dances have made them popular with tourists.


Elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant orphanage engaged in a friendly tussle.

For a small island, Sri Lanka has many nicknames: Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient. This colourful collection reveals its richness and beauty, and the intensity of the affection it evokes in its visitors.

Monks crossing the road in Kandy. Other than Colombo, Kandy is considered the only other city in Sri Lanka. Kandy is home to the revered Temple of the Tooth, said to house a tooth relic of the Buddha.

All images by Joanne Lane,