Asia’s most Instagrammed places

Millennials now look beyond price points and convenience, but select their destinations based on how many picturesque shots they’d be able to post on social media. Source: AP

IN today’s social media-based travel world, holiday experiences get posted to Instagram before they make it to the family photo album (if there even is a physical album anymore).

This got airline transfer company Hoppa thinking about what the most Instagrammed destinations were.

Taking this further, and using the idea outlined here, that people are now travelling to certain destinations in part because they will gain them a higher amount of ‘likes’ on social media, we also wanted to find out which destination would do just that. Where is the most ‘liked’ destination in the world? What else can we learn about the world’s most popular holiday destinations through Instagram?

On their list of the world’s most Instagrammed destinations in 2015, New York City came out on top, followed by London, Paris, Dubai and so on. While Asian cities did not make the top 10, there were 16 in the top 50. The infographic below also shows how many photos were posted per destination.

A breakdown of the world's most Instagrammed destinations. Image via

A breakdown of the world’s most Instagrammed destinations. Image via

At the time of writing, here are some of the top posts from a few of these Asian cities.

Singapore with 15,100 likes at the time of writing.

Changi Beach, Singapore ✨ Photo by: @dotzsoh

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Hong Kong with 2,544 likes.

#romantic garden in #Hongkong, 25,000 #roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹illuminated #hongkongcity

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In the list of most “liked” destinations in the world, Asia hit the ground running right at the top with Bangkok in second place behind Los Angeles:


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Let’s take a look at some of the most liked posts.

Bangkok with 4,761 likes at the time of writing:


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Taipei City with 742 likes.

#Taipeicity #夏黃

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In some of the Insta-subcategories, Asia also featured: Selfies (Chennai #4, Mumbai #7, Tokyo #9, and Pattaya #10), Scenery (Hong Kong #1, Singapore #2, Shenzhen #5, and Huangzhou #6) and Food (Phuket #1, Shanghai #2, Guangzhou #3, Beijing #4, Pattaya #5, Mumbai #7, Seoul #8, and Taipei #9).

Daniel Boardman, Hoppa’s head of search engine optimization, said, “If you look at the food category, it was mostly pictures from Southeast Asia – those countries have some of the most eye-catching cuisine.”

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