Singapore’s Changi Airport is set to double in size

An artist’s impression of the revamped Changi Airport.

SINGAPORE has plans to double the size of its Changi Airport – a major Southeast Asian hub that has won almost 500 awards. The plan is to increase capacity within 10 years to more than 135 million travellers thanks to two new terminals.

As the airport prepares to launch its Terminal 4 next year, it’s already looking to build a 10 million square meter expansion, Changi East, that will feature a massive fifth terminal and an air facility both approximately the same size as all current terminals.

This expansion is set to open in the late 2020s and will be linked to the other four terminals, turning Changi into a single super airport.

“While it will be our largest terminal to date, our principle of offering passengers an efficient, warm and engaging Changi experience, as they are familiar with at our current terminals, does not change,” Choy Da Wen, senior vice president of the Changi East project told Skift.