6 smartphone apps for the business traveler

TRAVELING for business is stressful enough, but if there are ways to manage that, having useful apps on your smartphone is one of them. Here are a few apps to install before jetting off on your next business trip.


Concur is the all-in-one app for the organised business traveler – you can book flights, train rides or hotels, and create itineraries from a travel booking with TripIt. If a meeting runs too long, changing travel arrangements can also be easily done on the app. But perhaps the most useful feature of Concur is its ability to book and submit your expense reports, even if car mileage is involved. Drowning in a sea of expense receipts is a pain when traveling for work, but the app helps you organise and manage your expenses with a few taps.

Packing Pro

If you, like any of us, are terrible at making lists of things to pack, Packing Pro is the travel packing app you need. This app helps you compile a list of items you might need on your next trip by providing a catalogue of some 800 items. You can also peruse pre-built lists for various types of trips. Extra features include printing or emailing your lists, adding images and alerts, and monitoring checked-off items. Never leave behind your phone charger again.


If you’ve spent the better part of the your work hours sitting in airport lounges, this is the app for you. LoungeBuddy helps travelers look for a comfortable spot to relax, have a cocktail, have a meal, enjoy a good view, or find a desk for work. The app takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out which airport lounge is available near you. Even if you want to browse through photos of a lounge before making your decision, you can do just that.


This GPS navigation app is good to store in your phone if you’re planning to explore a new country by foot or by car. If the maps are downloaded in advance, the GPS function is free and doesn’t require data to work. On top of that, Navmii is designed to crowdsource traffic and suggest alternative routes if you don’t want to get caught in a peak hour standstill. It really is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that will have you from point A to B as seamlessly as possible. Android users can download a single map that covers the whole world, but iOS users can download additional country packs for a nominal fee.


If you’re running or working for multiple office branches in various countries, Worksection is a tool to assist in project and task management, planning and controlling of your calendar, and team organising and delegating. You can split your projects into tasks and subtasks, create timelines and arrange them according to priority. If team members or clients are signed in, you can also split them by names or invite them to particular groups. According to Finances Online, more than 12,500 companies have used the app to collectively manage more than 100,000 projects.


Jetlag is a common problem among business travelers, but before you succumb to nodding off at a client meeting, install Entrain to better manage your sleep patterns. Because our internal body clocks are set to a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness exposure, a group of mathematicians at the University of Michigan has built an app to cut jetlag time and get your body adjusted to a new time zone. All you have to do is set your current time zone and schedule your new time zone, and the app will figure out a personalized light schedule for you, as well as inform you of how long it might take getting used to.

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