International visitor demand in Asia-Pacific to grow rapidly by 2020

THE Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Asia Pacific Visitor Forecasts 2016-2020 has predicted that international travel demand in the Asia-Pacific will rise by 4.6 percent each year in excess of 657 million by 2020.

According to the forecast, northeast Asia will be attributed for more than half of the total foreign inbound volume expected by 2020, or 333 million international visitors.

The forecast also predicts that the Americas and Europe will continue to play important roles in Asia-Pacific travel and tourism.

Within the two regions, the Americas alone is expected to generate 13 million arrivals by 2020, driven largely by visitors from north America.

“This last series of predictions again highlights the rapidly approaching need for aggressive and appropriate visitor management processes [in Asia],” said Mario Hardy, chief executive officer of PATA.

The study covered 38 destinations within the Asia-Pacific region.